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Take the next step in your cannabis company’s journey with specialized video production solutions.

Video production for cannabis companies comes with challenges that are unique to this industry. It requires comprehensive expertise and knowledge to effectively navigate the regulatory, legal, safety and health implications of these types of project.

CannaVideo is an Industry leading video production company serving the cannabis industry specializing in guided video tours for evidence packages (attestation videos), orientation and training videos, and investor presentation videos. Since 2016 we’ve worked with 40+ LPs and cannabis brands across Canada and have established ourselves as the leading video production solution in the industry.

This experience of working alongside the industry leading LPs, cannabis brands, and consultants in Canada has enabled us to develop the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you can get to the next step in your journey through professionally developed video solutions.

Whether you’re looking to maximize the likelihood of success for your upcoming application, to streamline and improve your orientation processes, or to communicate your vision to investors, our video production solutions can help you accomplish your goals

Expert Direction

Expert Direction

We apply years of experience to maximize the likelihood of success for your application, presentation or training program by helping you craft and deliver the right message for your specific needs.

Fast Turnaround Times

Fast Turnaround Times

Typically, years of work go into preparing applications, investment presentations, and training programs. Expedited turnaround times allow you to get to the next step, or back to business as usual, in the least amount of time.

Responsive & Flexible

Responsive & Flexible

The cannabis industry in Canada moves quickly – and so should your production partner. We’re prepared to work on short notice and to adapt to the situation you’re in, to meet your rapidly changing needs and timelines.

Cannabis specific production solutions

Most Common video productions

Guided Video Tours

Submit your application and evidence package to Health Canada with confidence with a professionally produced guided video tour.

Training & Orientation Video

Streamline employee training or visitor orientation and ensure that practices and procedures are clearly communicated and understood.

Investor Presentation Videos

Clearly demonstrate the current state of your site or communicate a vision for the future. Video as a medium for presentations will keep your audience engaged and make it easy to distribute your message.

Custom Welcome Videos

The #1 health and safety asset that every production and cultivation facility needs.

and more...

Our team of videographers, photographers, and post-production artists is flexible and highly skilled. If you have any other need that can be addressed with high-quality video production, we’d love to work with you on a solution. Simply send us a message below with a brief description of what you’d like to accomplish and our team will work on identifying a custom-crafted solution for you.

Trusted by 60+ LPs and cannabis
brands across Canada.

Client Testimonials

I’ve been working with CannaVideo for over 5 years now within the Cannabis industry. They are true professionals when it comes to aligning with the clients and my team to align with the Health Canada standards and requirements required for video evidence capture. They are passionate about videography and it is evident in the details and quality of their work. The team is extremely accommodating, personable and quick to respond to an email/text/call no matter the time. They are always happy to comply with any requested changes and in this industry, they are constant. If you are in the market for a talented group of professionals to successfully complete a video attestation for Cannabis licensing, I would highly recommend contacting CannaVideo. You will not be disappointed.

David Hyde - HYDE Advisory

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